Silverwhite Collective, based in San Francisco and Stockholm, is a design firm founded by Jamie White and Joakim Silvandersson with the vision to eliminate the lines between designing houses, interiors, consumer products, landscapes, furniture and objets d’art.

Silverwhite’s design manifesto is based on creating a sense of place that reflects their clients’ lives. Knowing that furnishings break, décor fades and houses come and go, they believe it’s the experience of living and the memories created that matter. Silverwhite Collective relies neither on nostalgia nor impressions of the future, but begins with the inspiration of the clients themselves to elicit emotions and envelop the senses.

As a collective, Silverwhite collaborates with a wide array of artists, woodmakers, sculptors, restoration experts, silversmiths, architects, builders and other craftsmen. Projects range from remodeling the historic Strand Hotel in Stockholm and designing two Eco-Resorts in Northern California; from renovating historic homes in San Francisco, Turkey and Miami Beach to designing residences in Seattle and Los Angeles and a villa in the Swedish archipelago. Other endeavors include the design of a collection of restaurants based on Asian street food and an irreverent take on outdoor furnishings.

Collective Provocations is a series of events bringing together people whose ideas and art are at the forefront of social changes. The first provocation featured Silverwhite Collective’s Jamie White in conversation with the Haas Brothers.

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